Interview with artist Alesha Bullock

Alesha, also known as Alee, working as a Digital Artist at Society6, is a self-taught artist who works primarily with oil pastels, charcoal, and pencils and likes to do an abstract design with a Native American twist. Although her artwork is abstract, her creative range is wide and mostly in hues of brilliant and bright colors.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Alesha. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, with my husband and two teenage boys; I worked in the corporate world for 18 plus years. I'm Northwestern European, and the Irish also have some Cherokee Indians in me, which are portrayed in many of my artworks.

Can you tell me how you've developed your art career?

I am a self-taught artist. I have been an artist all my life. Many people in my family have the gift of drawing and creativity. I started developing my career in 2020 when the pandemic hit. I took a class with Jenna Webb. She is also a self-taught artist; her program has taught me a lot.

What’s your workday like, and how do you manage to balance it as an artist?

When I worked in a corporation, I worked the third shift. I feel most creative in the evening. I do most of my posting and influence work during the day from 10:30 am until 3:00 pm and save my evening and night from getting creative.

What cultural background makes you and your work unique that ties to your life experiences in your artwork?

I am a very spiritual person. I am a Christian. Many of my artworks have a spiritual twist. I put my feelings into my work by developing something hidden to the naked eye. Some will find that hidden twist, and others may see something completely different.

What does your work aim to portray for your viewers?

My work portrays various things: confidence, hope, love, unity, and passion.

What genre does your work fall into?

My artwork falls under Geometric abstract, 3D abstract, and Figurative abstract.

Is there a particular artist that inspired you to pursue art?

I honestly never followed a particular artist. I do like the artist Dwayne Jones. He is a digital artist like myself.

Whose techniques do you study or admire?

I have never studied a person’s technique. I have a gift for seeing things others cannot. Let me explain; when I look at something, I can see faces and animals that you may overlook. Then I build off that I am also an empath, so I feel people's emotions.

Can you describe your dream project? And if you don't currently have a project you want to complete, can you tell one that you'd enjoy?

My dream project would be a mural on a busy street that everyone would see and flock to for selfies.

I know that you’re using Canvy for displaying your work. Can you tell us a bit of how that has helped you with your art?

I love Canvy because it enables me to display my artwork with professionalism. The available rooms help the viewer picture their chosen artwork in their own home and give them ideas to decorate their space with the art they have chosen for themselves.

Creative blocks are standard for people in creative careers. Can you tell me some of your techniques to overcome it?

To overcome my creative blocks, I must have at least 7 hours of sleep, I meditate, I go to church, and I love being in nature when it’s not snowing here in Northeast Ohio. If anyone knows Cleveland, we get some crazy weather. One day it’s 70 degrees, and the next, we have 11 inches of snow.

What’s your dream goal with your art?

My dream goal with my art is to create a sustainable income for my family and help put both of my boys through College.

Find Alesha Bullock and her artwork here.