Interview with artist Belinda Stone

Belinda Stone, a contemporary artist based in Melbourne, Australia, primarily paints in Acrylic but also uses different mediums and materials. Belinda loves nature’s beauty, which is where her pieces get their inspiration. The way she can transfer her love for nature onto a canvas with her color choices and multi-layering technique keeps each of her pieces individual from the others, which she hopes will evoke a feeling of openness, interest, and even sometimes hidden messages aside from what immediately meets the eye of her viewers.

Belinda, can you tell us about yourself?

Hi! I've always been interested in travel and design. I love open spaces with views, whether beach or mountains.

How did you start as an artist, and who (or what) do you consider the greatest influence in your earliest memory of creating art?

I passed a gallery in Perth that was holding an art class and inquired about it. I returned that afternoon for a class. The classes focus on having freedom of expression.

There are a lot of contemporary artists in the art industry. How do you differentiate yours from the rest? In other words, what do you feel makes your work unique and truly your own?

My artworks are always fresh, and I explore what’s on my mind. I guess my curves and palettes can be recognizable. I hope my artworks will evoke some emotion and interest.

How does creating art make you feel? Do you think you chose your passion, or did it choose you?

Art is my meditation. I can lose time. I love it. Lockdown in Melbourne was a gift; I slowed down and had chunks of time to explore painting and fall in love with it. I am very grateful that it resonates with people.

Tell us about the colors on your palette and anything new you have been experimenting with.

I love soft palettes, but I also love the surprise of something bold amongst them. I’m now enjoying painting murals in peoples’ homes. I’ve always liked painting large.

You tend to create depth in your paintings through colors, texture, and multi-layering techniques. How do you feel this impacts your paintings?

It creates space and calm and adds interest to the viewer. You can always find some details of textures when you look up close at my artwork.

What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition, and how do you leap from an idea in your head to the action you produce?

Mostly I paint intuitively and work out the composition as I go. I problem-solve by removing bits and adding until I’m satisfied.

Do you do anything special to get your "creative juices" flowing?

Nothing in particular. Music and coffee usually help!

Have you ever felt that your creative endeavors motivate other people to become interested in your field?

I am constantly impressed by how many people take an interest in art and collect art. I really hope I inspire some people to pick up a paintbrush sometime.

If you could no longer use the medium you are now working in, how else would you express your creativity?

Perhaps interior design or spray paints.

I know that you’re using Canvy to display your work. Can you share how your experience with us was?

Your platform is amazing for showcasing my artwork. I can change sizes and frames, and room types easily. I love how Canvy adds new rooms regularly. There’s always a great choice of decors. The site is easy to use, and the staff is so friendly.

If someone were learning to become an artist, what advice would you give them?

Try everything. You don’t have to stick to one style. Also, try not to compare yourself to others.

Find Belinda Stone and her artwork here.