Interview with artist Ines Hornlein

Ines Hornlein is a “Producer of Visual Identity” based in Bali, Indonesia. She does

Ines, thank you for being our Artist of the Month. Tell us about yourself!

In my heart, I’m an artist. By education, I’m an Art Historian and Ethnographer. Professionally, I call myself a Producer of Visual Identity.

Working in the visual field, I’ve travelled a lot. I’ve lived in Croatia, Germany, and the USA; I’ve now been living in Bali for almost 20 years. For a long time, I worked for magazines (

How did you get started as an artist?


When I got into business, I felt I needed to become an artist in order to express myself.

The digital era is just perfect for me. Though I was in love with classical painters and tried to paint with oil and acrylic, I really found my artistic home with digital platforms. It’s just so creative and full of action, and it happens at high speed, which is just my style. So I started digital painting, sculpting, and learning more and more in the digital sphere.

What kind of art do you make? Tell us about your process.

I do d

It might seem strange that I have so many different mediums and styles, but if you think about it, it’s always that attractive bright, surreal colorism, and informal shapes of details. I love minimalism, so that’s a part of my abstract or geometric paintings. Of course, portraits need to have more detail, but sculpting is again something different, and so is my graphic design art.

Even big names in classical art have certain signatures in painting, but then their portraits, mostly commissions, might have a different kind of artistic signature. What I

What do you love about your work?

It’s what I do to enjoy myself. It’s my expression. I’m hyper minimalist in my thinking, but I have fun doing portraits of charismatic people.

I enjoy creating my own art. I work as an art producer for my main income, so I’m relaxed about income for my own art. It’s what makes me happy, and it’s like a meditation for me.

How was it taking your business online? Did you have any struggles with it?

I think for an artist the thing is just to do it. When you are making art, you are just doing it, and something is leading you. You know exactly what to do, and in the end there is always a perfect end to finishing your art or project. So you just implement that same flow in business.

Of course, platforms like Canvy give such great support. They help our clients to imagine our art in their interiors. And the interiors are great; some are marvelous. Thank you for that!

What made you choose Canvy for displaying your work?

I chose Canvy for the v

Also I think it’s great that our clients and audience can come from different styles and personal tastes, and with Canvy, we can display our art in a variety of ways, in a range of rooms, furniture styles, and colors.

For example, I can place a piece in a contemporary, industrial, classic, high-end, casually colorful modern, or hip interior — or even minimalist super monochrome interior — all white for example, or all gray, the same art. It’s amazing, the variety we can show to satisfy different clients.

Then comes the best part — designing the rooms and the colors of the furniture, walls, and flooring, where you can show even more!

What do you love about Canvy?

I love the i

For someone who is also an interior designer and producer, it’s just wonderful to be able to place a painting in a contemporary interior with a famous classic designer’s name next to it. I couldn’t ask for more!


Tell us what you've got coming up next in your business.

I’m already producing visual projects, working at creating harmony in multimedia and interiors, enjoying my art and showcasing it through my business. For example, if I’m working on an interior design project, I can decorate it with my photographs or paintings, or my daughter’s paintings (she’s an academic painter).

So I’d like this to continue. I love bringing happiness to people by having my art around. I'm a positive thinker. I believe we need to help humanity with positive vibrations.

I believe in humanity, even though we are going through quite a process at this time in history, and so I believe in a new way of thinking, always with impact, and always sharing and supporting each other.

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