Interview with artist Michelle Tracey

Australian artist Michelle Tracey

Michelle, tell us about yourself.

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How did you get started as an artist?

Returning home from an overseas working holiday at 31 years old, I was unhappy and uninspired working in an office as a Graphic Designer. I was suffering from severe chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. After my first day working in a new and ideal, well paid graphic design job, I had to quit working altogether and apply for a disability pension.

I sought higher insight, and one day a psychic delivered a message to me: “You should paint! You would be good at it. Painting will help restore your confidence and help to heal your anxiety and depression.”

So, I picked up a paintbrush. I realized that I had been on the wrong path. A graphic design career was a stable 9–5 job. However, I was not nourishing my soul or being true to who I was as an artist and lightworker. This insight led me on a journey to self-healing and reconnecting to my passion for spirituality and art.

Today, I have my own art business. I am managing my health better, and, with spiritual awareness, I can view situations from a higher perspective. I’m grateful for the blessing of Divine intervention.

What kind of art do you make? Tell us about your process.

Early in 2020, I transitioned from fantasy watercolour paintings to acrylic abstract paintings on stretched canvas. My art evolved as I followed a calling to develop a new style that connects me to the flow of Divine energy. In the process, I discovered a love of fluid acrylic abstract art, and now in 2021, beautiful ocean resin inspired art.

These fluid painting techniques require pouring the paint/resin directly onto the surface and allowing the pigment to flow naturally. While gently guiding and manipulating the flow of pigment, my intuition kicks in. I carefully blow the pigment and tilt the canvas/board around until the composition falls into place beautifully.

Energy work and spirituality play a daily role in my life as an artist. As with all my creations, I begin my creative ritual with a light-filled clearing and healing meditation. By intending to be a clear channel of the Divine, I anchor high vibrational energy to reach the viewer's highest good and allow the Divine to flow through me. This intention sets the scene for a truly inspirational and light-filled artwork to be gifted to the recipient.

I love that my art is connected to something greater than myself. A beautiful energy that makes me feel inspired and connected spiritually.

What challenges have you had while developing your art business? How did you overcome them?

Being a one woman show, I’ve encountered many challenges while developing my art business. Building a following from zero, and marketing with a very little budget are just two examples. I’ve found it helpful to connect with other artists on Instagram and Facebook. Social media has a wonderful artist community, with artists willing to share helpful advice.

Also, promoting my posts to art feature accounts on Instagram has helped build my following and get my art in front of more people. I’ve discovered that my followers more than anything want to learn and be inspired. With this in mind, I now create video tutorials and process videos of all my creations. Sharing rather than showing is key to my success.

I am still figuring things out. Building an art business is a constant learning process. But it's worth it!

How was the process of taking your business online? Did you have any struggles with that?

I initially made the mistake of listing all of my products on my website and building a full blown e-commerce store. Original art, art prints, canvas prints, colouring books and colouring pages. This became too time-consuming and complicated. Not to mention I didn't have the marketing budget to promote my website!

I have since simplified my website. Original art is now sold via online galleries, Art Lovers Australia and Blue Thumb. Colouring books and colouring pages are only available via my Etsy shop. These online platforms have their own marketplace. Switching to web hosting with good tech support has been a godsend!

Learning how to professionally photograph my art was also challenging. Obviously, artists need good quality photographs and thumbnail images of our work.

What made you choose Canvy app for displaying your work?

I was looking for an easier way to display my art, a faster and more cost-effective approach than what I had been doing, which was purchasing individual mockup templates and editing the files in Photoshop. Too many large files! Also, Canvy’s great customer service influenced my decision.

What do you love about Canvy?

I love that Canvy has new rooms added weekly with plenty of variety. The crop presets are a handy feature too. It is so easy to edit the walls and colours of individual elements such as cushions. Just a click of the mouse and it’s done! No more storing large Photoshop files. The files are stored on Canvy’s server, meaning that I can choose to only download a low resolution jpg for my online thumbnail images.

It’s important that I showcase my work in a professional manner. I feel proud of what I'm putting out there.


I’m excited to announce that I have an upcoming solo exhibition at a local gallery café in November 2021! The theme of my exhibition is “Ocean Spirit.” The exhibition will feature my ocean inspired resin art and fluid acrylic abstract paintings. As it’s my first solo show, I’m very excited to get my work in front of locals and tourists visiting during the summer months.

What art are you most proud of?

My "Totem Animal" collection: During a difficult period of anxiety, I'm proud of how I transformed a bad situation and created something magical and uplifting. I'm proud of myself for finding the strength, will, and perseverance to connect to my soul and the totem animals while living in a dark place. Even with my vibration low from anxiety, I was able to find a connection to something higher and greater than my current circumstance. For me, this is a proud moment.

What drives your creativity?

I create art to strengthen my connection to the Divine and higher consciousness. My art connects me to universal Divine energy that makes me feel peaceful and uplifted. It’s a therapeutic and beneficial way of managing and living with anxiety.

You can find Michelle Tracey and her art here: