Interview with artist Sabrina Pilarz

Sabrina Pilarz is a self-taught French painter, born in the birthplace of the famous poet Arthur Rimbaud. She’s happiest when she’s got a canvas on her easel, a paintbrush in her hand,

Cette interview a été réalisée en français et traduite en anglais. Vous pouvez trouver la version originale française ici.

Sabrina, tell us about yourself!

I’m a self-taught painter, attracted from a young age by artistic creation. I was born in July 1976 in the Ardennes in France, in Charleville-Mézières, the birthplace of the famous poet Arthur Rimbaud. I grew up in Vrigne-Meuse, a very small village. This is where I started to paint and draw. Now I live in Donchery; I’m married and I’m the mother of two children.

How did you get started as an artist?

I made the decision to devote myself completely to painting to share my emotions and express myself through art. At first, it was a kind of therapy (following the death of my grandparents) which quickly became a vital need. So I created my micro-business as an artist.

What kind of art do you make?

A canvas on my easel, a brush in my hand, and a hint of inspiration is my favorite place to be. I paint for fun, instinctively, without theory. This passion that overwhelms me every day gives me a sense of well-being that seems eternal and fills me with joy.

I like to use all kinds of mediums and materials: acrylic, oil pastel, watercolor, India ink and oil; I enjoy working with different techniques. I’m inspired by the colors of nature.

My work can be defined as a journey into the soul in an emotional, airy, light, and fluid universe. Each of my creations tells its own story that everyone can interpret in their own way by letting themselves be influenced by the piece, and according to the emotions that I put into them.

I usually start my creations by selecting a palette of colors that I work in different ways, with brush, knife, chain, finger, casting, putting materials. My paintings are often in an abstract style, offering great freedom of expression and movement. I also do pen and Indian ink portraits. I create as I see fit, in my own way, following my intuition and my inspiration.

During the last few years, painting has become a real need for me. I paint my feelings in the present moment. I’m in a kind of meditation where time no longer exists. An intuitive painting is a reflection of my identity.

What challenges have you had while developing your art business and taking it online?

The challenge was to make myself known on the internet and on social networks. Things are better now that I’m very present on the web. Creating content as well as art is not always easy, because there is always a shortage of time. Not to mention the administrative side, where you feel alone and helpless in the face of the variety of technical tasks that need to be done.

With the lockdowns due to COVID, I had to take a really big break because I had an artistic block and a lot of doubt about myself, wondering whether I'm ultimately a good artist. But I recently picked up painting again, and the happiness is still there. It will never change. I love painting. Now my challenge is to make a living from it, and I’m not there yet. But I am motivated to continue. It’s my life, and I don’t see myself doing anything else. It's in me.

What made you choose Canvy app for displaying your work?

I came across Canvy thanks to a video by the painter Anthony Chambaud, and it was the app that I’d been searching for! Canvy adds value to my work. I use it often. It’s easy to use, and the room elements are superb. You can change the colors of the walls, cushions, curtains, and furniture, you can put the actual dimensions of the painting in relation to the room, and the image quality is perfect. What happiness to see one’s creations highlighted! Canvy is very professional. I also love it because it allowed me to start building my own website. Thanks Canvy!

What’s coming up next in your business?

This year, I’ll continue to focus, discover, experiment, and share my creations. Unfortunately, I’ve been on hiatus for exhibitions and paint shops because of the COVID situation. I hope I’ll be able to start up again very soon.

I’ll continue to share my life as an artist in photos and videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok at "SabCréations," and manage my small online store "SabCréationsArt" on the Etsy handmade creation platform.

In the future I’d like to sell my creations on my own website, and I’d also like to get training in Art Therapy to be able to help others.

Don't hesitate to join me on my social networks!

You can find Sabrina Pilarz and her artwork here