Interview with Tamsin Nugent of Red T Multiples

Tamsin Nugent calls herself

Tamsin Nugent, tell us about yourself.

I’m a music obsessed art professional with a passion for innovation in our industry. I grew up in Hong Kong and in the UK, studied Chinese at University, fell in love with contemporary creative culture in China, and decided to promote cool stuff to cool people as a career. I’m still going strong!

You have a unique art business. What do you do?

I have a business called Red T Multiples, where we edit digitized originals to create bespoke art. It’s the world’s first digital platform for the direct customization of fine art.

Red T Multiples was created to simplify the process of procuring and acquiring art for personal spaces and commercial projects. It was also created to help artists streamline the commission process, by offering it digitally through us and the works in our collection.

We have built (and continue to build) a collection of licensed original art works by exciting artists, which we digitize and allow our users to crop and tweak in order to create the perfect work for their needs. Prints can be ordered as individual works or in multiples, up to the edition number.

In order to retain value and exclusivity in the prints we make, each original can only be reproduced in any manipulation 100 times. Once 100 prints have been made, the original is no longer available, guaranteeing you won’t find similar works anywhere else in the market.

Red T Multiples offers completely exclusive flexibility in customized artwork by reputable artists, affordably. It’s genius!

How did you get started?

I sold my first art work at a punk gig in Beijing in 2004, and about six months later I was opening a gallery for emerging artists in the contemporary art district there.

What kind of art do you promote at Red T?

Any art I think will resonate with people. Art is so subjective and I’m interested in all creative expression, so I have never stuck to a particular kind. Although to put a nutshell around it, I suppose it’s emerging contemporary.

On our website, Red T Multiples, the majority of artwork in the collection is abstract, as the platform allows for cropping and customizing digital copies of original works, which can be challenging with figurative work. But not impossible.

Explainer image above: “Boxing” by Anna Spakowska and Multiples taken from it.

What do you love about the artists you work with?

All the artists I work with are forward thinking, expressive people. Like me. So mostly, I’m working with incredibly talented and inspiring people. What’s not to love?

What challenges have you had while developing your art business?

By far the biggest challenge has been web developers putting us in a box. Building an innovative concept in a creative field takes a lot of explaining and requires attention to detail to be able to translate the vision into a reality. When it’s a digital business and you don’t read or write code, it can be incredibly frustrating. We’ve been through four developers to find a team that is aligned, open minded and will listen, not assume.

How was the process of taking your business online?

Red T Multiples was designed as an extension to the work I was already doing as a consultant and was always a digital proposition, so it started online.

A constant “struggle” for anyone with an online business is getting enough traffic to the site, so that is a large part of our focus.

What made you choose Canvy app for displaying your work?

Simplicity and efficiency. We were spending a lot of time sourcing images and creating renders for our social media, promotions and proposals. The time that takes has now been seriously reduced thanks to Canvy. And, I love how easy it is to use, and the extensive choice in terms of interiors, colours, frames, etc.

Image above: Multiple taken from “Supernova” by Rowena Martinich.

What’s coming

We’re going to be running some physical and digital events over the next few months in collaboration with a few super cool partners.

Our digital event is in collaboration with the gallery

We’re also very excited to be in development for the Red T 360 Canvas, an upcycled canvas using retired linen from the hospitality industry. Not only will this give our audiences the chance to order their print on a completely responsible material, it also allows hospitality brands to develop circularity across the art they house in their properties.

Image above: Multiple taken from “Hayagriva in Yab-Yum form.”

Why do you do what you do?

Artists and art buyers deserve a better way to get what they want. A fairer way, a more efficient way, and soon, a more environmentally conscious way. If I see a more efficient way of delivering a win-win, I’ll go for it, regardless of convention.

I’m proud to say that we have built an entirely new way of accessing, affording, and ordering bespoke fine art. Every commercial client I have ever had has ordered commissioned artwork, and around 60% of my private clients have too. It’s a big deal to be able to offer flexibility in art, affordably and quickly.

Imagine a world where you can be walking along the street and see an awesome mural, you can hold your phone up to it, crop your favorite section, and order it as a fine art print straight to your home, immortalizing the best bits of the art you love.

Imagine going to an art exhibition of an artist you love but can’t afford, and being able to crop from a digital copy of the work and order a limited edition print well within budget.

Or going to a museum and being moved by a detail in a particular work and being able to make it your own.

These are all experiences that bring more joy and more people to the gift of art. That’s the vision, and that’s why this is the pinnacle of bringing cool stuff to cool people. Everyone has their own cool, and now they get to express it through art.

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Image above: Multiple taken from “Pinkish” by Guan Yi.