January update on new Features and Bug Fixes

When using Canvy, you may have noticed new features now and then. Some are the result of user input and recommendations, while others may be the result of some inner thoughts.

We can be a little too excited at times, and release a new feature that causes a bug in your browser. We understand that this is inconvenient, and you may report it here if this happens to you. Then we'll get things corrected as quickly as possible.

If you find any issues or have any feature requests, feel free to tell us at


Hide ‘Dimension’ - This feature is available in the “


Lazy Loading Scrolling - The scrollbar gets smaller and smaller as you scroll down and load items in pages that have 25 items more. This is to optimize the speed on mobile phones and with slow internet connections.

Bug Fixes

‘Choose Domain’ Button Missing - This fix retrieved the “

‘New’ Label on New Rooms - This fix retrieved the “New” label on the “

2-Lined Artwork Title - This fix doesn’t break up the words in titles in the